Everyone knows that walking is good, but there are probably few people who know specifically why it is better to choose this option than pick the car and go to the store or market. 

The advantages of this choice are so various, from maintaining an enviable figure to positive health effects.It is not necessary to go to the gym and do weights to be healthy and have a body that you love. No wonder they say that 30 minutes of walking every day is pure health!

Walking brings a lot of benefits.healthy life, fitnessNot to mention that you won't have to spend anything for your "own transport", plus you can go into action at any time of day. Yes, the weather can be a hindrance at some point, but even that is not a hole in the sky. It can be recovered. All free :)
However, despite the banality of such an action we must respect some rules. The best way to walkis to start slowly, and gradually walk faster. When you feel tired, it's good to slow down the movement. With time, this distance will increase, the reaction of the body will take care of itself.

Here are the most important benefits of walking:

Stay fit!

Certainly, women will declare themselves very pleased with the benefits of the movement, because walking is an important ingredient in maintaining a silhouette worthy to be admired. Studies have shown that walking can be more effective than fitness activities or slimming belts.

Did you know that: American researchers have shown that more than 300 calories are burned every 5 kilometers? And that walking not only helps losing weight, but also maintain an optimal weight?

This physical activity has the role of reducing the fat mass in favor of the muscle mass. Let's be honest, a pleasant look gives us a greater confidence in our own power. 

Health benefits of walking!

Walking has many benefits for our body and it can prevent some chronic and cardiovascular diseases. First of all, walking is great for the heart. It helps to strengthen the cardiac muscle contraction force, and the blood circulates more actively. Thus, 30 minutes of walking is a way to reduce the risk of vascular accidents.

According to various studies of American doctors, walking also prevents even diabetes, because the movement helps to balance the blood sugar level. Stimulation of the nervous system is another benefit of this type of motion that is not exclusively related to muscle. During walking, the sensory and motor nerve fibers are also stimulated.

Walking brings a lot of benefits

It gives you a good vibe and it can prevent and cure depression!

Walking can also be considered a relaxing activity. Especially since this activity has the power of removing black thoughts, daily worries, and even depressing states, so commonplace in today's times. A simple walk in the evening is the perfect remedy after a hard day at the office or after a controversial discussion. And if you have a park near the house, or the job is really perfect. The square of chocolate works as well, but walking is better!

It develops creativity!

According to a study conducted and published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory and Cognition, a 30-minute walk is meant to develop creativity. Those who dealt with this study applied a series of creative and thoughtful tests to subjects while they were sitting, but also while the subjects were walking. The conclusion was clear and unequivocal: the movement released the brain and people were more creative!

Walking can be a real source of energy!

Sometimes, there are moments when fatigue catches our body, and the first instinct is to go to bed to rest. Researchers at the University of Georgia argue that physical exercises made as necessary will not exhaust us. But the contrary!

Did you know that the body energy level after a 30-minute walk can increase by up to 20% and that of fatigue could even decrease by 65%? Due to increased heart rhythm and oxygenated blood that reaches the kidneys easier, blood circulation will be faster. As a result, the body will work better